Health Care & Research Installations

Commercial Plumbing understands the environment of healthcare construction. We acknowledge the importance of patient safety and cleanliness.

Please rest assured that our credentials, experience and in-house expertise will benefit every healthcare construction project we undertake. We work with a variety of preconstruction and construction healthcare experts. We are able to address and resolve the unique challenges healthcare construction presents. We are dedicated to work in a way that ensures uninterrupted patient care and patient, staff and visitor safety. Commercial Plumbing continues to set the standard for healthcare facility construction & renovation in Hawaii. The following are some plumbing & fire sprinkler healthcare projects we have completed in the last few years:

Kapiolani Medical Center

Kapiolani Medical Center Women & Children Hospital

NICU/PICU Building (Neonatal and Pediatric Critical Care Units) Installation of new fire protection system for new construction of 5 story building plus one story below grade Tower to house 70 NICU beds and 36 PICU beds and includes a new central utility plan, generators and normal electrical service.  The Project was a LEED Silver project and included demolition of the Old Bingham Parking Garage.

Emergency Department Conversion of the 1st floor shelled space of NICU / PICU Building into new Emergency Department.

Kitchen and Dining Room Underslab Kitching Plumbing Work. Installation of new med gas piping and outlets Installation of new plumbing and fixtures. Conversion of the 2nd floor shelled space of Diamond Head Tower into new Kitchen & Dining Room. Installation of new plumbing and fixtures.

Kaiser Moanalua – Ancillary Remodel

Plumbing for new Full Service Kitchen including the installation of a new 1,500 gallon grease interceptor. New hot water circulating pump system including new 4” hot water mixing valve. New Acid waste system for dialysis boxes. Medical air, oxygen, vacuum, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, wagd, compressed air and carbon dioxide piping to wall, ceiling outlets, zone valves, headwall units, Steris booms, GASM Booms in the following areas:

  • New neonatal intensive care unit
  • (2) New intensive care units
  • (2) New Medical Surgical units
  • (8) New Operating rooms
  • (2) New Cath Labs
  • New (16) Bed Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)
  • New (21) Bed Clinical Decision Unit
  • New Medical Diagnostic Imaging Wing
  • New Ambulatory Treatment Center
  • New Respiratory Care Services Area
  • New Clinical Technology and Biomed Engineering room
  • New Hemo-Dialysis room

Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific

3rd and 4th Floors, Patient Room Renovation. Waste, water and vent piping. New medical gas installation within patient rooms. Fire sprinkler modifications per floor

Kaiser Moanalua

Straub Hospital – 888 South King Street

Hale Pawa’a Endoscopy Surgery Center

New installation on 2nd Floor of 3 operatory rooms, 3 recovery areas, 6 pre-operation areas, patient restrooms and physician’s office – New medical gas system for operatory rooms, recovery area and pre-operation area – Fire sprinkler modification for new room layout.

Straub Hospital – 888 South King Street

New Fire Sprinkler System for Patient Rooms on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Floors. Replace plumbing fixtures in Patient Rooms on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Floors. Relocate Medical Gas Outlets in Patient Rooms on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Floors. Emergency Room and X-Ray Alterations. Plumbing, Med Gas, Fire Sprinkler Relocation. Pharmacy Expansion —Plumbing and Fire Sprinkler Relocation. 2nd Floor Makai Tower, X-Ray —Plumbing and Fire Sprinkler Relocation. 3rd Floor Makai Tower, Gastro-enterology— Plumbing and Fire Sprinkler Relocation. Basement Level—Install Fire Pump System in Mechanical Room. Cath Lab Renovation—Plumbing, Med Gas, Fire Sprinkler Renovation.

Castle Vera Zilber Birth Center

Installed plumbing fixtures & medical gas in 4 new Post Partum rooms, 1 treatment room, 1 breast treatment room and new pantry. Relocate and add fire sprinkler heads to accommodate the new ceiling and room layout.

Castle Vera Zilber Birth Center

The Queen’s Medical Center

The Queen’s Medical Center Projects

Projects involved working in an existing fully functional hospital environment. All projects involved connecting to existing active services including medical gas systems, vacuum system, sanitary waste and vent, domestic cold water, hot water, hot water re-circulating, and storm drain systems and furnishing and installing new plumbing fixtures.

1998 QMC Emergency Services Center
1999 QMC Same Day Surgery Center
2002 QMC QET 5th and 6th Floor   Renovation—Patient Rooms
2005 QMC QET Invasive Cardiac Laboratory   Redesign
2006 QMC Cath Lab 4 Renovation
2006 QMC QET MRI No. 2 Replacement
2006 QMC QET 3rd Floor Cardiac Comprehensive   Care
2008 QMC QET Level 1 Angiography/Interventional

The Queen’s Medical Center Electrical Upgrade (Fire Protection)

Wet pipe and preaction fire sprinkler system – Wet combination riser and standpipe with hose valves – Fire Department connections

Castle Medical Center – Emergency Department Renovation

Installation of new med gas piping and outlets. Installation of new plumbing and fixtures.

The Queen’s Medical Cente

Pearl Ridge Dialysis Center

Pearl Ridge Dialysis Center

Conversion of a retail space into a dialysis center. Sanitary waste and vent, domestic hot and cold water systems. Reverse osmosis circulating piping distribution system for multiple dialysis stations.

Kaiser Medical Center Waipio

New 2-story medical clinic facility. Hot water heating equipment and storage tanks. Medical gas cylinders and monitoring system. Medical vacuum pump. Oxygen and vacuum piping systems with zone valves and alarm panels. Sanitary waste and vent, domestic hot and cold water and storm drainage piping systems. Plumbing fixtures and equipment.

Kaiser Medical Center Moanalua

OBS Bed/ Neuroscience Renovation. Renovation of existing facility. Medical gas and vacuum systems with zone valves, wall outlets, and alarm panels.

Kaiser Waipio Medical Cente

Surgicare of Hawaii

St. Francis Hospital Sullivan Wing

Renovation of 4th and 5th floor patient rooms. Sanitary waste and vent, domestic hot, cold and hot water circulating piping. Medical air, oxygen and vacuum piping. Medical gas zone valves, alarm panels and wall outlets.

Surgicare of Hawaii at Waterfront Plaza

Tenant Build-Out for a new Surgery. Facility with five Operating Rooms and two Endoscopy Rooms. Installed systems include: Plumbing fixtures and equipment including specialized clinical and scrub sinks. Equipment and piping for water, drainage, waste, and vent.

Leahi Hospital

Install new 2,000 gallon grease interceptor. Re-pipe kitchen, thrift shop, and back of house to meet plumbing code.

Shriners Hospital for Children

Demolition of existing hospital, and providing temporary hospital and administrative services. New three-level hospital including 11 exam rooms, 12 patient rooms, and 2 operating rooms. Medical vacuum pump, medical air compressor, oxygen and nitrous oxide cylinder manifolds. Medical air, oxygen and vacuum piping and wall outlets, zone valves, area and master alarm panels. Domestic water booster pump, gas fired hot water boilers, steam boiler, deionized water system, sanitary sewer and storm drain sump pumps.

Shriners Hospital for Children

Pali Momi Medical Pavilion – Pearlridge

Pali Momi Medical Pavilion – Pearlridge

New 2-story patient examination rooms and MRI facility. Plumbing for full-service kitchen. Plumbing piping systems included sanitary waste and vent, domestic hot and cold water, tempered hot water, fuel gas, steam, storm drainage, medical gas and vacuum. New wet pipe fire sprinkler system off an electric fire pump and jockey pump. FM200 Fire Suppression System. Wet combination riser and standpipe with hose valves. Preaction dry pipe systems for the elevator shafts and machine rooms. Fire Department connections. Two-level Administrative Office Building. Family Quarters and Recreation Building.


Queen’s Medical Center – Queen Emma Tower Third Floor Operating Room Med Gas Zone Valves Modification

Installation of new med gas piping and outlets

Medical Gas Certification

We currently have 11 licensed Journeyman plumbers who are N.I.T.C. certified medical gas installers & brazers. The National Inspection, Testing and Certification Corporation (NITC) is an internationally recognized third party personnel certification agency and is in compliance with Federal and State ADA regulations. Our plumbers must complete 32 hours of training in the installation of medical gas pipeline systems and have a minimum of 4 years experience in the installation of piping systems prior to becoming a candidate for the examination. The medical gas installer/brazer certification examination consists of two portions: a proctored, closed book multiple-choice written examination and a brazing examination. This certification is administered in accordance with the American Society of Sanitary Engineers (ASSE) Series 6000 Standard 6010.


University of Hawaii – John A. Burns School of Medicine

Complete new facility to include Education and Administration Building, Research Building, Central Plant, Ancillary Building. Installed the following systems: Plumbing fixtures, Plumbing installation of laboratory equipment, Sanitary waste & vent systems, Roof and storm drainage systems, Acid waste and vent systems, Domestic hot & cold water systems, Laboratory gas, Vacuum & air systems, Fuel gas system. Provide design assist services. Installed fire sprinkler system in all buildings.

John A. Burns School of Medicine


NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration New Pacific Regional Center at Ford Island

Construction of a new building that will join two historic hangars. Gray and rain water reclamation systems. Laboratory acid waste vent and water systems. Grease and sand/oil interceptors. Storm drainage and sanitary drain systems. Domestic hot and cold water systems. Acid dilusion tank. Glycol solar hot water system.